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overheard 38th and 6th avenue

“In my dream, there was a sparkling blue pond. At the center of the pond was a lush island, as the canoe I was paddling got closer the island started to smell. I got off the boat and on to the beach. The smell was coming from a horrifying pile of bodies. I realized, they were all of my ex-girlfriends.” – polo wearing dude

“Did you have a cooler as a little kid?” – little lady friend

“What do you mean a cooler?” – dude

“You know, a cooler full of the skulls of your neighbors pets and other small animals.” – lady

“That’s sick” – dude

“No, that’s what sociopaths call a hobby.”

mostly true but embellished a bit by your hoarder of secrets.

What I should be reading Monday

If Watchtower was this racy, I would totally pick it up every time.
via Maxisetentialism

But seriously, this is truly unnerving.

you make me glow from the inside

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wolf parade sucks less! now with 98% more COURAGE!


“i never knew a band could go from crappy to kickass so quickly!” – Jacksonova

robot in landscape