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Go suck your thumb Sunday

zack_brafZach Braff. When people talk about him as the “every man” it makes me want to drop out of the world of pop culture. J.D. is close to one of the most annoying and spineless characters on TV. He spends THREE years chasing a woman only to completely FUCK her over and then they reconcile! Only an asshat man-boy writer would have that plotline go on and fucking on. So it’s also Bill Lawrences fault, but I don’t have his face in mine all the GD time. So I blame Braff.

Also, a lot of crap has come out of Jersey, but even that stinking stretch of pavement and strip mall did not deserve “Garden State”.

He gets 3.5 out of 5 weeping Van Der Beeks.

Punched in the face Saturday

dustin_diamond#8 Dustin Diamond. This guy goes on Celebreity Fit club berates the other has been contestants to further his own buzz, is completely belligerent, apparently has a sex tape with not one but two women (who I am sure he may have had to pay) and his biggest acting challenge was playing the same annoying character for THIRTEEN years! He was Screech all the way through to Saved by the Bell: The New Class when every one else had wisely abandoned the show. Thankfully he lives on the other coast and I am not likely to meet him on the streets on NYC, but if I ever do, I have a new buddy who can show me some serious Ku Fung moves that would probably maim this guy. And he would need it. Gack.

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“Final thought before we fly: the French may have invented women, but they may have also invented sexism.”

i just threw up in my mouth alittle

this is just so wrong on so many levels. that this quote pretty much sums it up with an eloquence i was too disgusted to summon:

that Killers cover of Bright Eyes is like serving a Turd Sandwich w/ cold Bland-Sauce — hungryghoast

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Punched in the Face Saturday

#9 Terry Richardson

Clocking in at a formidable number 9 on my list, is Terry Richardson. The thing about living in NEw York is that there is at least 75% chance that at some point I will run into him. I blame him for Cobrasnake, Dov Charney’s ads for American Apparel, and I especially loathe the current vodka campaign. I am so disgusted and distracted by the terrible images, I can hardly be bothered to look at the ads for mere seconds before I have to turn away. Thusly, I never get a look at the copy. Surely it says something about date rape on it.