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stats 5/5/2012

  • ran 5 miles
  • ate a brunch
  • 4 hours of pretty good conversation had
  • rocked out one killer version of Heartbreaker
  • 0 trophies for it this year though
  • probably 5+ booze based beverages had, it was a boozey brunch and then the Derby
  • 0 money won on the ponies

stats 5/4/2012

  • 3.5 miles ran
  • 4 improv troupes watched
  • 1 plate of shrimp cocktail made and consumed
  • 1 martini
  • 4 stand ups

on sobriety


I have made a decision. To be honest, it was a rather hard one for me. I love booze. You can tell from the history of this much neglected outlet of my brain. It’s true. It’s my one vice nowadays. We’ve had a long and storied relationship. We’ve gotten in and out of trouble with each. We’ve taken breaks before, but this time, this time, lover, it’s got to be a little longer. I have decided to go sober and celibate for 2 months. Basically, until I head to Austin for a friend’s wedding.

I made this decision after a few, ahem, mishaps. Basically, I put my vagina in some compromising positions. I woke up some places I didn’t really want to be. Nothing I felt bad about, I’m not into slut shaming or anything, but I would kind of like a real relationship. Also, when you are drunk enough not to remember, but have the presence of mind to send send yourself an email with the subject line “Stop being so slutty”, you should really listen to yourself. Getting completely swizzled and going home with people that, on a good day, I like but on a drunk one, I, shrug, guess love. This kind of behavior precludes developing a connection with anyone, let alone the guy next to me in the morning. I think that I would like one of those, a connection. Like one where I have some one to go do the stupid things I like doing with, like dress up as Spy vs. Spy and ingeniously faux murder each other all night. Or at least some one who will laugh at me while I do said stupid things, like sing “Holding out for Hero” by Bonnie Tyler in complete earnestness.

So to, whit, I started my sobriety streak Monday February 6th. It’s been a week. I’m doing alright so far. I miss it a little. The soft social lubrication it provides, but then again I don’t miss the over sharing, losing my shoes or picking puke out of my hair on a bad night.

on denial and creating the most powerful of truths


I saved all of my visitor passes. They are stuck to in the last page of my notebook. Inevitably, they are carried with me every where. At first, I thought, how grim. Then I thought, how pretentious. Now I think, it’s really for the best.

It was so easy to look past the erratic behavior and the disappearances. I was too quick to forgive the months dry of physical attention. It was easy to open up the box, put all of those middling doubts right in there and put the pad lock on it. Until that one day when he decided that the best place to walk to while black out drunk, in the midst of a psychotic break, bleeding, was from his place to mine, some 5 miles to the north. What can you do then?

I didn’t want to abandon him, but I knew after the first visit to the substance abuse ward at Bellevue that there was nothing there to hold on to. That the entirety of our short relationship had been built on the flimsiest of fabricated pasts. Less eloquently, I had been lied to. Repeatedly. Now I was forced into this situation where I had to be deceptive and I had to hide while I decided just what the fuck to do. Over the course of four visits, I know, four visits were far more than I should have indulged, but deep down, I’m a softie.

I finally had enough of the manipulative phone calls and questions about my cat. The fourth day I visited. I was trapped in the dim yet too bright flicker of fluorescent lights with a young girl with her obviously uncomfortable father and me with my sluggish and giant boyfriend. We were trapped because of the screams and shouts of the profane coming from the ward. A new intake patient had arrived and could not be subdued. He was placed in the “seclusion” room which happened to be right next to the “visitors room” (nee cafeteria). So, now are stilted conversations were punctuated with screams and thuds as he slammed his body into the walls. That along with the deep breathing of the older man who did not want to be there was the soundtrack as I realized that I didn’t want this to be my problem. Ever.

Maybe it was the drugs that they had him on, but I cried more than he did. I had the liberating experience of New York’s public privacy as I sobbed the L train ride home with no one bother to ask me if I was ok. I was grateful. There was no way I could have held it in and once it was done, it was. There were no more tears after that just a guilt. A guilt that gradually subsided. It wasn’t my fault or my responsibility. I wasn’t absolved, I would never do that to myself, but I was at least forgiven.

stats 09/02/09

seems like a good time to resume this project, but maybe with slightly different metrics and codes.

139 minutes spent procrastinating and looking at pictures online of people that are better left out of my mind.

ran 5.13 miles

been drying out a bit since there is nothing non alcoholic to drink in Germany. i think even the water is vodka.

ate 2 hard boiled eggs and a honey waffle thing, some veggie salad and pita chips.

i seem to have transitioned from very awesome to very boring over the course of a 12 hour flight or it is just the jet lag still talking.