now that we’ve won, here’s what we should do

Calling all likely mildly to severely hung over left leaning liberals and  libertarians. We’ve won another four more years to bring this country to it’s knees and ruin everything, just like the right thinks that we will. Let’s all go to hell in a hand basket!

It’s already started, gay marriage in 2 states, legalized recreational marijuana in 2 states and more women representatives in government than ever. Who do these ladies think they are any way, they belong behind an oven not a podium. Am I right? All those hormones are going to make them all go crazy once a month and who knows what that will do the laws. What’s next? Dogs in the house of representatives?

An gay marriage! What’s next? A guy marrying a dog? That’s totally what’s next.

I, for one, raise my rye based cocktail to a rousing toast to bring this country down with social progression and equal rights. Today, I say, the right can suck it!

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