reflections on a year in comedy

Beware, the following post contains a ratio of 3:1 earnest sentiment to snark. Please proceed with caution.

You do some things totally right and you do some things the most wrong you possibly can. You start some things later than you should have and you come into them in your own time. Some things come easy and something hand you your ass on a skateboard missing a wheel, that’s how hard they are on you. The last year has been full of those wobbly wheeled skateboard moments coming right off the ramp and straight at me at me. Sometimes with a bulldog on it, sometimes just my ass on it.

I’ve certainly done a few things right. Starting to perform stand up comedy was close to the best decision I’ve ever made, aside from kissing Neil Huntley in a planetarium parking lot in 1998. I had been in a band for years and never felt as at home on stage behind a keyboard than I did with nothing but a slim mic stand between me and the brutality and grace of an audience. I guess I feel more comfortable playing my wits than music, or more likely, I’m loner, Dotty.

I love the people I have met and the ones who have helped me grow in comedy. The ones who don’t let the bullshit slide. I’m talking about you who brought me to my first open mic. You who  encouraged me to take risks on stage and off. You who helped me build an amazing show in a great room. You all who come to my mic every week and drink tea and make it warm. You all who listen to the good jokes and meh through the bad. Polite laughter hurts the worst of all, you guys know that.

I’ve become a stronger writer and performer because of that. My set is now 80% less dick jokes! Now that’s what I call progress.

I’ve made some mistakes and had real rough patches this year. I made real change and confronted some pretty serious fears. I apologize to those that I have hurt or embarrassed going through all that. It was never in malice. When it is, you’ll know because there will be Super-Soakers involved.

Any way, it’s only been a year but it feels like I have always been doing this. I suppose that means that from now on out, I always will.


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