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No way the US Post Office is going broke.

No way the US Post Office is going broke.

Shit just got 100% more bougie at Che Wolf.

Me and a horse.

Test image.

subject line: pork bun tour

The day after my birthday, Groundhog Day incidentally, I decided to take a silly risk. About a week or so before hand, there was this dude that had just caught my eye. During a particularly grueling open mic, I heard from the crowd, “I enjoyed that!” to another comic’s joke. I hadn’t put much into thought this guy before, but that, along with some choice remarks he made during a very bad and very racist set –

Those of you who go to shitty open mics might remember that one fateful night at Stones Mondays Happen mic with the Korean girl who got up there to run the light just to get all her Jew jokes out. Really, she even had a shirt on that said, “Shiksas do it better.”

- just pulled my interest.

I decided to send an email with a simple request for a daytime hang out. I didn’t quite know if I wanted it to be a date or not yet. After all, this was a person who just shouted out whatever came to mind and made jokes about catching fish with his hands. I didn’t know if I quite wanted to be on a date with another comedian, let alone some guy who might have the grip and physique of Kate Moss at the height of heroin chic.

It went out with the subject line, Pork Bun Tour. I got back one line, sent at 5:30 in the morning. “Hell yes.”

A few weeks later, we had a a proper date. Saw a great movie at a one of the best old theaters in the city, had drinks at a nice French place and then walked by a building on fire in the rain. And it’s been just like that since.