Monthly Archives: May 2012

stats 5/29/2012

  • itchy, itchy, ITCHY
  • biked 10 miles
  • 0 boozed based beverages consumed

stats 5/26-28/2012

an aggregate for the holiday weekend

  • biked 22+plus miles. it’s 10 miles and plenty of time spent weaving around weed smoking bikers on the Ocean Parkway bike path to the Nathan’s hotdogs on Coney Island
  • ate 1 hotdog, 2 chicken sausages, 1 turkey burger, 2 pieces of pepperoni pizza a pint of gin gimlet, nachos, 4 beers. not all in one sitting of course
  • 2 cats = 2 times the balls of my boyfriend were stepped on
  • 1 case of poison ivy procured in my butt crack. yes, of course.

I just want @AshleyBRoberts to know that this is a real thing. #fb

I just want @AshleyBRoberts to know that this is a real thing. #fb

stats 5/22/2012

  • 1 boring folk singer listened to. I have little patience for practice on stage, unless it’s jokes and it’s at a shitty open mic
  • 4.3 miles
  • 115 minutes spent walking and listening to WTF podcasts. A fine way to while away the beginning of an evening in NYC

stats 5/21/2012

  • meeting
  • meeting
  • meeting
  • meeting
  • attempt suicide
  • i really should have tried to make time for the gym