Monthly Archives: February 2010

on armature


When an idea bubbles up, repeating in a daydream fantasy and then it seeps into your night dreams, you don’t ignore the message. You can’t ignore the message. I was trying to place it, to figure out what has jogged this sudden urge for bone, gristle and strength and exposure.

My brand new obsession of creating rigid armatures is a direct response to the shock of my father losing his mobility to the smallest of culprits. The inability see inside or really feel what is going on in our bodies, the dearth of communication between body and mind, the mystery that still exists despite all our science, has lead me to feel like extending and exposing and reinforcing the body. The shock of the mortal has shaken my search for meaning directly back to the place where it should originate from, the physical form that is so strong and so vulnerable.

This idea is still ungrounded, amorphous; awaiting nurture and work. As I go through the process of creating these pieces, I will post writings and images. Hopefully a real meaning will emerge.