Monthly Archives: June 2009

the sad thing about this all…

is that i still want you to hug me.

a brief hiatus

i am taking my own good advice and leaving one thing behind for now. I will not be posting the daily stats here for the rest of the month. Last weeks depressing crying jag in front of the computer after an extremely long week of 4 days in a row of 15 hour days, I realized that something had to give.

I will be back with arbitrary data and not very insightful lookings into things after July 2nd.

You can find me if you care on Twitter as houseofshss.

I will miss my curated secrets but by then I will have surely accumulated more.

keep it secret, keep it safe

click for a larger version

tracking a few things and random weighs and means; they come out in a graph. maybe it doesn’t explain anything, maybe it does. maybe it means i am foolish, girlish or bored. i stopped and started waiting at the same time.


up at 7:40, completely over slept

ran 5.14 miles

ate 4 cookies too many

that was my 200th post

do i get a cookie? i think i deserve a cookie. or spanks FTW.