Monthly Archives: May 2009


up around 9 after sleeping about 11 hours. i just couldn’t stand my bed any more

walked close to 60 blocks in and out of the park

looked at hundreds of flashing LEDs. art, not times square.

listened to 16 cabaret inspired cover songs and was impressed by the majority of them

worked on getting my tolerance back


up 8:00am

slow return to normalcy

got to get get out for a few hours

spent $39.99 on a dress

drank one glass rose, ate some sea urchin risotto.


still ill

watching lost, napping and working

i still got nothing for you


never mind what time i got up

worked some

watched lots of lost I am trying to get over being ill


went through 1 box of tissues

drank 2 vitamin waters and finished off 1 ruby red

wishing i had jello and wishing i didn’t have to leave my apartment to get it