Monthly Archives: April 2009


time up: 7:15am

took a 2 hour nap

wednesdays are for secrets too


when ever i see a payphone off the hook on the streets of new york city, two things about it make me sad. the fist is that it just looks so lonely and neglected. the second is that i really want to put it back on the hook but i don’t want to touch it.


up 7:15am

45 minutes on the climbing machine

45 minutes in total worrying and/or reading about the swine flu

2 glasses red wine

walked 36 blocks

nom: 60%


up at: 8:15am

ran 6.48 miles

worked on songs for 2.5 hours

read 45 minutes of management when i would have rather been reading comics

walked 32 blocks

watched 2 episodes of BSG


atty up around 9ish

took a 2 hour nap

spent 3 hours mixing songs

nom: a respectable 88%

enjoyed a seriously lazy sunday, after all