Monthly Archives: March 2009


awoke: 7:25am

3 perfect tweets (“today is going to be one of those days where my one giant cup of coffee does not suffice and i will need intravenous injections of caffeine”, “i think that science and i might be back on speaking terms. that’s a BIG might though. please don’t disappoint me again, my dearest science!” and “metaphor that over stayed it’s welcome, “Off the reservation.” i heard it a min 4 times in one meeting. i declare my cube a jargon free zone”)

ran 4.45 miles

today’s theme is elevating the banal and cultivating deep appreciation for the mundane.

selfishly lent aid to 1 friend in need.


you know who this is for

What I should be reading Monday

If Watchtower was this racy, I would totally pick it up every time.
via Maxisetentialism

But seriously, this is truly unnerving.


me réveillai: 9am

walked 15 blocks

spent $39.99 on one bottle 12 year Alberlour.

ate 1 giant and delicious burger (DuMont Burger) with Gruyere and bacon.

spent 2 hours thinking, and then doing more thinking. and then 20 minutes thinking that i had come to a conclusion, but then second guessing myself, until finally just going with the global panacea “Oh, fuck it!”


time up:7:40am

took 1 15 question exam. thinking i got a solid 78 on it.

scored 251 in scrabble but still lost

ran 5.68 miles

spent 194.98 on 1 dress, 1 shirt, 1 skirt and 1 cardigan