Monthly Archives: February 2009


time up: 7:40am

2 perfect tweets at exactly 140 chars (“when did it become suddenly hip for hipster men to dress like urban lumberjacks? explain to me this suspenders trend, because it’s not cute.” and “drinking scotch, doing stats wishing it were regular math on a friday night. why can’t regular math just come over for a drink and a backrub”)

spent 2.5 hours studying in a deli on 45th and only accosted by one stoned teenager asking us if “We were doing the math? Cool. Cool”

walked across midtown 2 times

old elements never felt fresh

an old piece from 2006


advice dogs for the lady in the office

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a personal adage

If given the choice between dessert and more wine, always opt for the wine.


time up: 7:30am

1 perfect tweet at exactly 140 chars (#cheezits i will tilt the bag until every last neon orange cancer causing crumb is down my gullet adding fleshy padding to my frame. delight)

at least 10 is the number of plaid shirts seen at my local hipster dive bar. 3 is the number of those plaid wearing guys who also had on suspenders and a beard and on wendsdays they go shopping and have butter scones with tea. obviously, plaid is the new black, the ’90′s are back with barack and instead of herion chic, it’s urban lumberjack chic.

4.6 miles ran